LABORATORY LAB - blow film lines

Tecnocanto blow film lines are designed for testing extrusion of mono-layer or multi-layer tubular film. Our systems allow to use virgin or recycled polymers, as well as some biopolymers. WE offer a big range of models, starting at the plug&play MC-LAB-BFL180 up to the 5 layers MC-LAC-BFL250-5. Our newest development is the model MC-LAB-BFL200, with an easy system to launch the film up to the winder, and a world premiere: extrusion of the film + filter test function at the same machine.

LAB - blow film lines
Laboratory blow film line - MC-LAB-BFL180LC
Laboratory blow film line - MC-LAB-BFL250-1
Laboratory blow film line - MC-LAB-BFL250-5